Portland, Oregon based writer and photographer
      Growing up just outside Seattle, I've been writing since I could hold a pencil, 
      and taking photos since getting ahold of one of those kiddie cameras that click 
      but never capture any images. An expressive child by nature, it was natural that
      I'd become a writer of fiction and nonfiction by my early teens, study journalism
      in college, and pursue it as a profession for years to come.
      I've also been traveling since I was barely a toddler, my car-seat strapped inside
      my parents' canoe as we plied the waters of the Pacific Northwest. At nine, I traversed
      nearly all the Canadian provinces in a 70s-era motorhome called the Golden Goose, 
      scribbling stories in a notebook the back as my father drove the seven-ton behemoth.
      In high school, I yearned for international experiences, and found a way to visit 
      Japan and Mexico on goodwill trips sponsored by the city of Seattle. Since then,
      the urge to experience, and then write about, other places and people has never
      Oh yeah, and I got a camera that clicked and had real film inside.
      I've written for several local and national newspapers and magazines, with my
      photography published alongside my words in many cases. My focus has been on 
      the intersection of nature and culture, as well as humanitarian and environmental
      work around the world. I hold a BA in Journalism (Gonzaga University) and a MS 
      in Literary Nonfiction (University of Oregon) with a focus on Cultural & 
      Environmental Studies.
      I'm currently at work on two books -- one nonfiction, one fiction -- while 
      I enthusiastically teach writing/journalism and service-learning at Portland 
      State University in downtown Portland. I've been married for four years to my
      wonderful husband, Thad. While we don't have children -- yet -- we have 11 
      canine "kids." (My husband trains and races sled dogs. But that's another story.)
      In my spare time, I do my best to spend quality time with family and friends, 
      run, hike, kayak, swim and do yoga. I also like to cook and play piano, and 
      I volunteer by mentoring a Somalian refugee family in my community. Oh yes, 
      and I also spend a lot of time vacuuming up dog hair. :)
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